Strength Training – Free Weights, Machine And Resistance

What is strength training? It is the exercise that can strengthen your muscles. Unlike cardio (which boosts your heart rate), you can increase muscle mass and overall appearance of your body if you undergo strength training. Most people would identify this kind of training with going to the gym.

There are 3 options you can undertake when performing training for strength.

Free weights

Like its name suggests, free weights mean dumbbells or bar bells. You hold them and perform various exercises with these free weights. However, your positions and posture are very important when you perform strength training with free weights. Your form of the exercise must be correct to reap the maximum benefit too. Most importantly, the correct form helps you to avoid injuries. Training using free weights is actually more favored by advanced body builders compared to weight machines. multihead weigher packing machine

Weight machines

You can find these machines in abundant in all gyms. Often times, if you are a beginner, you can use these weight machines. You don’t have to worry about proper form, posture or position when you do strength training using these machines. They are especially safe to operate. But one machine caters to one specific exercise only. For example, the leg machine could only allow you to do certain leg movements. Each machine is designed for one or more exercises.

Resistance training

In this type of training, there is only push and pull. The biggest benefit is low impact on your joints. Therefore, your risk of injury decreases tremendously with resistance training. It also allows you to achieve full range of motion. Some examples of this are swimming, cycling, elliptical machines, stair steppers and resistance bands

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