Why I Love The Romantic Hotel Rooms Of The Villa Florence

There are lots of excellent places for romantic getaways—tropical beaches, charming cities, or remote islands, for starters. One of America’s most fascinating cities is easily San Francisco. To enhance the romance, however, you have to be picky about your lodgings. If you are not careful in your search for romantic hotel rooms, you could wind up in a poor location in a room that is nothing special and has paper thin walls. How romantic can your getaway be, after all, if you have to shout at your true love over the sound of Man Versus Wild blaring from your neighbor’s room? For true romantic hotel rooms, boutique hotels are a great choice, and in San Francisco, the Villa Florence reigns supreme. The hotel is a vacation in itself! The Italian style romantic hotel rooms are luxurious and posh, the restaurant is to die for, and the company is fine! 분당풀싸롱

Gorgeous is the best way to describe the warm, romantic hotel rooms of the Villa Florence. The windows actually open, and they are graced by lovely plantation shutters. High ceilings suggest antique luxury. Soundproof walls and ceilings add privacy. Finally, the furnishings feel like a home instead of a rented hotel room.

These romantic hotel rooms are just one of the advantages of the Villa Florence. From the complimentary evening wine receptions to the fine restaurant, the Villa Florence is a treat for the palette as well as the eyes. The location could not be more ideal, either. The Villa Florence is situated in Union Square in the heart of San Francisco. There is no better jumping off place from which to explore this amazing city! Hop on the famous Cable Car line and go anywhere, or stay close to home and take advantage of all the nearby shopping, theater, and museum opportunities.



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